By Lynette, Hope House Coach

Normal is underrated. 

Grocery shopping is not a trending topic on Facebook these days, people are not raving about driving to the library and newspapers aren’t covered in photos of my laundry or my trip to the car wash. The glory and glamour are seemingly found in the things we deem epic and adventurous. Take Instagram for example.  It is filled with the  highlight reel of our lives; our most epic moments.  Even the normal things we post are filtered and arranged to look a bit more extraordinary. Let’s be real, who hasn’t taken numerous photos of their feet or perfectly sprinkled donut? I definitely have. Many times. I, too, overlook the beauty of normal. The past few months, however,  have changed my perspective. 

Over the last year or so I have worked as a Coach at the Hope House and have explained to countless people what it is that I do. The simple, 30-seconds-in-an-elevator spiel I give to folks is that I simply live daily life with the women at the house. Nothing epic or exciting but it is quite honestly the truth. Yes, it is sometimes more than that. There are the not so normal days where the realities of working with women who have been sexually exploited are evident and they are heavy and they are hard.

However, there are often days that are filled with beautiful normal moments like making dinner together, blasting a Kirk Franklin CD on repeat as we drive to the library, or freaking out and making predictions about our latest netflix obsession , Once Upon A Time. The normal that I often take for granted is a treasure to the women I serve. Their old “normal”  may have been filled with trying to find food or wondering about their safety every waking hour of the day. Because of that, simple things like enjoying a day with the windows open or youtubing videos on how to make coconut milk from scratch become a huge deal! They may not seem glamorous but these normal moments are powerful for women on the journey of restoration. These simple beautiful moments are glimpses of hope. They offer a window into a life that many women were robbed of. In living day to day life with the women, in between the epic and average I have come to appreciate the simple beauty of normal because they do. Because now, they can.