Prevention is:

- Building relationships
- Identifying individuals' needs
- Helping fill those needs or referring to someone who can
- An empathic, trustworthy, non-judgemental presence
- Equipping an individual with skills, resources, and tools
- Empowering an individual to grow their unique individual strengths
- Helping an individual navigate their weaknesses
- Education
- Application
- Listening
- Commitment to an individual's well being
- Accountability and intervention for sex buyers
- Restoration for traffickers
- A culture shift

At UnBound Seattle, we are committed to helping prevent sex trafficking. Each item on the list above is a form of prevention. Prevention targets the potentially exploited, the potential exploiter, and the potential bystander. It is a multi-faceted, strategic battle plan. But when it boils down to it, much of prevention is relationship. As we in the anti-trafficking world like to say: "relationship is the intervention." 

UnBound has been given the privilege of providing prevention programs with a sacred population: youth in juvenile detention centers. According to the Children's Bureau, there is a correlation that children in systems like foster care and juvenile corrections are at higher risk for experiencing exploitation in the form of human trafficking.1

As a nationally recognized, board-certified music therapist, I am providing weekly UnBound Music Therapy groups at local juvenile detention centers. As a music therapist, my job is to assess, plan treatment, implement, and evaluate. Music therapy sessions will be centered around the goal of equipping youth with tools and skills to prevent exploitation in their own lives and the lives of their peers

What an honor it is to be invited into hallowed ground--to have access to the spaces behind locked doors, into some of the most terrifying and vulnerable moments of a child's life. I am humbled to be in the position of helping these youth recognize their own strengths, discover their true value, and provide them with resources and tools. 

I look forward to sharing with you the data that I will be keeping. My belief is that, given the diversity of prevention mechanisms listed above, our results will be positive. My prayer is that, through my work guided by the Holy Spirit, the trajectory of lives will be changed.

Thanks for joining us on our journey as UnBound.



1. Children's Bureau. Child Welfare and Human Trafficking.