Sex trafficking is a complex multi-billion dollar criminal enterprise. At its core, traffickers exploit the economic, emotional, and physical vulnerabilities of youth and adults--subjecting them to abuse and manipulation for a profit. Along the way, hotels, the entertainment industry, businesses, governments, hospitals, and other spheres of society come into contact with victims of trafficking or are implicated in the process. Ending sex trafficking requires multi-faceted approach. UnBound has chosen to focus on the following areas:

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UnBound is committed to to educating and empowering youth to help them stay safe from exploitation. UnBound provides prevention education and mentorship to youth to equip them to recognize and take action against trafficking in their own lives or lives of their peers. UnBound uses a strengths-based and empowerment-focused curriculum, working to strengthen and equip individuals and their peer groups to prevent trafficking.

Currently, UnBound is providing youth prevention programs at Echo Glen Children's Center, King County Juvenile Detention Center, and select King County middle schools.

We also believe that prevention is a community effort, built on the awareness and commitment of individuals and small groups in Seattle. Through citywide outreaches, UnBound increases awareness and education in businesses and community groups in Seattle.

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Education and Mobilization

When local communities band together to fight trafficking, change happens. UnBound increases awareness about sex trafficking and provides education to the public and to local communities in the Seattle area. In addition to education, UnBound equips professionals to take action to fight trafficking.

UnBound believes that the local Church holds necessary keys to fight trafficking. UnBound is passionate about educating and equipping churches and youth groups to understand the issue and to enact justice in their own spheres.

To request a training in your professional workplace or at your church or youth group, contact us today.

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Aftercare and Advocacy

Survivors of human trafficking face complex issues and trauma on their journey to healing but restoration is possible and hope can be found. Our mission at the UnBound Hope House is to bring hope and a future to survivors of sexual exploitation. The Hope House was established in 2015 to journey with women who have been sexually exploited as they receive freedom through the love of Jesus that will empower them to impact our city and world. Women who choose to live in the Hope House will experience the love of God demonstrated through the attention of dedicated, caring staff who will help connect them to essential services including medical care, dental care, trauma-informed counseling, life skills training, opportunities for education advancement, job skills and vocational training.

You can join us in the fight against human trafficking in Seattle.